Our Story

Blush Butterfly was born out of a deep-seated inspiration rooted in my family's entrepreneurial spirit. Growing up surrounded by family members who built successful businesses, I always felt a stirring desire to create something uniquely my own. Despite pursuing my education and working in the corporate world, I knew there was a calling for more—a space where my passion for creativity could truly flourish.

Driven by this inner fire, I embarked on a journey to channel my love for fashion and design into a meaningful venture. Blush Butterfly is more than just an online store; it's a manifestation of my dreams and a celebration of individuality through jewelry and adorable apparel pieces. Each item in our collection is thoughtfully curated to bring joy and inspiration to our customers.

Join us at Blush Butterfly and discover a world where style meets soul. Embrace your uniqueness and indulge in pieces that speak to your spirit. Thank you for being a part of our story.

Flutter with us,

Mariela Pena Founder & CEO, Blush Butterfly